SYNOPSIS OF THE “ODISSEIA DA ZUNGUEIRA” It is a book where we can see the earth stained by the impression of the floor of the zungueiras and each sacrifice of their lives scattered in the curves of the suffered decline where the screams hang, the pain that forces us to shed numb tears and each race of a fiscal policeman, it is such a empathetic baguette that it floods our interiors with agony. The buzz in the genre, the children's buzz, the sale products, the police, the lived experiences are some of the condiments of this literary gastronomy. Each kibide starring in a battle, is the fall of the red tear, however, the green of hope disappears when one observes the photographs that the book overflows. At the end of everything, we have a mark on us through the narrated and photographic statements presented in this odyssey. The buzz is an odyssey.

Odisseia da Zungueira